Admission to the Bachelor's Programme Musicology

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For the admission to the inter-university Bachelor's Programme Musicology, which is offered from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) in cooperation with the University of Graz (KFU), passing an entrance exam is not required, but some prerequisites have to be fulfilled.

For the main-enrolment to the Bachelor's Programme at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, please apply online* according to the respective application deadline (5 September for the Winter Term / 5 February for the Summer Term) and upload the required evidence.

* Please mind: International students have to submit the application form incl. the required documents in advance (3 September for the Winter Term / 13 January for the Summer Term), before applying online!



  • General University Entrance Qualification (evidence that the basic requirements for university attendance have been achieved, e.g. high school graduation certificate)  
  • School-leaving certificate with list of grades as well as grade report from the last school year (the submitted documents need to reflect how many school years have been completed)


Diploma or award certificate of a higher education programme of at least three years' duration (Bachelor's or Diploma degree programme) including proof of the courses attended (Transcript of Records or Diploma Supplement with details of ECTS, credit points or semester hours per week).

Not applicable for applicants with secondary school leaving certificate from EU/EEA!

  • If applicable: Transcript of Records (of studies already started)
  • Proof of German knowledge competency: Level C1/CEFR - please mind the accepted certificates - otherwise applicants have to proof Level A2 at application, in order to be allowed to take a supplementary examination in German language before the start of their regular studies. Information about the test requirements, deadlines and costs are available from the Office of the University Preparation Programme (“Vorstudienlehrgang” / “VGUH”). The VGUH offers preparatory courses for supplementary tests required by non-regular students.

In the infobox you will also find information about the required German language competency.

  • Please also pay attention to any required diplomatic legalization and official translation of your foreign documents, in order that we are able to accept them.

In the infobox you can find further information regarding the official translation and diplomatic legalization of foreign documents and here you can find an information sheet from the Welcome Center.

  • For countries with additional country wide university entrance examinations, the positive results have to be handed in, as well.

For example:

  • China: APS certificate
  • Greece: Panhellenic Exam
  • Iran: Pre-University Course, Concours
  • Morocco: Concours
  • Spain: PAU
  • Türkiye: ÖSYM, ÖSYS, YKS
  • Cyprus: Panzypresian Exam



Furthermore, for an admission to the Bachelor's Programme Musicology the following is recommended:

  • Knowledge of English language
  • Basic knowledge of further relevant foreign languages 
  • Practical musical skills (not mandatory)


It is necessary to note the separate enrolment period for Musicology at KUG!


Please mind: As the Bachelor's Programme Musicology is set up as an inter-university Degree Programme of the University of Graz (KFU) and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG), basically you can decide to do the main-enrolment personally either at KUG or at KFU. For this purpose, you will be main-enrolled at one of the two universities and at the second one you will be a “Concurrently Enrolled Student” (“Mitbeleger*in”). After you have done the main-enrolment at one of the two universities there will be an automatically exchange of data between them, which means that you will be reported at the other university automatically. Note that this data exchange will happen only once a week. If you wish to speed up this process, you have to contact the respective Registrar's Office by submitting your enrolment log from the other university:



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