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Student Statements

As part of each pre-registration ("Voranmeldung"), the Welcome Center carries out feedback surveys with freshmen. Here are some selected anonymised tips from freshmen who are supposed to help you planning and starting your studies:

What would I recommend to other prospective students?

"I recommend coming to Graz a few weeks before the beginning of the semester"

"The orientation guide and checklist is very helpful!"

>>> Checklist

"The Welcome Center is very well organized, every information was easy to find and in any case I could contact the Welcome Center via email and I received really helpful response!"

>>> Welcome Center

"... to talk to the professor of your choice in advance and make acquaintance!"

>>> Guest Audition

"I would recommend getting to know the campus before starting the semester!"

>>> KUG-Student4OneDay

"Going to the Welcome Information Day and checking the website"

>>> Welcome Information Day

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