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Here you will find important information about the tuition fees as well as about the costs of living in Austria, which should already be taken into account when planning your studies, as e.g. for the required residence permit for students or the registration certificate for EU / EEA / Swiss citizens, sufficient financial means must be demonstrated to the competent authority.

  • Tuition fees

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fee

    Bascially, there is a general tuition fee regulation for all students at Austrian universities with the exception of students who are temporarily or generally exempted from tuition fees.

    The tuition fee is € 363.36 per semester or € 726.72 per semester for third-country nationals.

    EXEMPTION: During the temporary non-contributory period, regular degree programme students from Austria, an EU or EEA country, Swiss citizens, recognized refugees and third-country nationals who are equated to EU or EEA nationals are exempted from the tuition fee (i.e. within the minimum duration of a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral Programme plus two semesters of tolerance)! If the non-contributory period is exceeded, the tuition fee of € 363.36 per semester has to be payed.

    For third-country nationals from the respective countries, there is a special regulation at KUG for the tuition fee rebate concerning regular degree programme students, the so-called decree based on the Eastern & South-Eastern European focus of KUG.

    PLEASE MIND: All students have to pay the Student Union fee ("ÖH-Beitrag") of € 21.20 per semester!

    TIP: Students can check their tuition fee status (as well as the payment information) themselves via their KUGonline ("Tuition fees")!

    >>> All important information about the tuition fee for degree and non degree programme students, the decree (including prerequisites) and allowances of KUG can be found here.

    Eastern & South-Eastern European focus of KUG

    The regulation for the tuition fee rebate due to the Eastern & South-Eastern European focus of KUG applies to regular degree programme students of the respective following countries. They  shall be exempted from the payment of the tuition fees if the length of their studies does not exceed the minimum duration of studies plus 1 semester of tolerance and if they achieve at least 30 ECTS per year with an average grade of 2.5 or better.

    The exemption from the payment for the first three semesters is taken into account automatically. After this period it is necessary to apply for exemption under the indicated conditions each semester. 

    If the requirements are not met or if the application has not been done in time, the tuition fee must be paid for the semester. It is possible to do another application for the following semester then!

    • Albania
    • Armenia
    • Belarus
    • Bosnia & Herzegovina
    • Georgia
    • Kosovo
    • Macedonia
    • Moldova
    • Montenegro
    • Serbia
    • Turkey
    • Ukraine


    >>> All important information can be found here.

    Costs of living

    The costs of living in Austria depend above all on the kind of lodgings a student has, and whether or not he*she eats out often or prepares meals at home (most of the students cook and eat at home). To be on the safe side, a student should be prepared to spend at least approx. € 600 per month for lodgings, food and personal expenses.

    IMPORTANT: For foreign students, it is essential to take into account the required financial resources for their stay in Austria, which must be proven for the residence permit for students or for the registration certificate for EU / EEA / Swiss citizens (for a maximum of 12 months in advance).

    Information can be found here.

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    Further Information

    HINT: When planning your studies, keep in mind other current expenses and inform yourself e.g. on the following websites:

  • Grants & Scholarships

    Grants & Scholarships

    Financial support offers

    There are numerous internal and external financial support opportunities for students.

    It is important to note that some scholarships and allowances are only possible from the 3rd semester on! It is hardly possible to pay for your studies only by means of internal scholarships and allowances!

    Internal financial support


    Overview on internal financial support offers

    >>> Here you can find all important information about scholarships of KUG

    External financial support


    Overview on external financial support offers


    Applications for Graz and Oberschützen will be processed by the authority Graz!

  • Opening a bank account

    Opening a bank account

    Opening a bank account

    Students of Austrian universities can open a bank account for students under certain conditions of the respective bank. It is also possible to open an account online at most of the banks.

    It is recommended to open a bank account in Austria, because a domestic bank account is required for many purposes, such as:

    • Residence permit (“Aufenthaltsbewilligung”)
    • Health insurance
    • Application for scholarships, grants, allowances
    • Accommodation
    • Contracts for mobile phone and/or internet
    • Payment of student union and/or tuition fee
    • etc. 


    >>> All important information can be found in the  information sheet  of the Welcome Center!

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