Why study at KUG?

The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz - in short Kunstuniversität Graz (aka KUG) - is an internationally renowned educational institution. At 17 institutes and two doctoral schools, KUG offers highly qualified education for artistic and scientific professions.

7 Reasons to study at KUG

For what reasons should I study at KUG?




Students statements


I decided to study at KUG because ...


... "The institute of Jazz at KUG is one of Europe's leading educational institutions for jazz musicians, offering a wide variety of disciplines which create a multicultural and creative environment"

(Kajetan, Bachelor's Programme Jazz)

... "KUG offers an excellent atmosphere for the development of projects, especially in the field of contemporary arts as well as for working together on a high level with instrumentalists and world-renowned professors."

(Carlos, Master's Programme Composition)

... "KUG offers many opportunities for young musicians to develop their skills on a high level, and there are many projects and events where KUG students can work together with famous artists."

(Serhii, Master's Programme Instrumental Studies/Viola)

... "As a conductor you have many opportunities to work together e.g. with composers and the institute of opera organizes a variety of projects that you can actively participate in!"

(Tsai-Ju, Bachelor's Programme Conducting)

... "For a music theorist, the KUG is offering the best possible opportunity for contemporary perception. Well-known teachers offer a diverse selection of knowledge and experience! "

(Faris, Bachelor's Programme Composition and Music Theory / Education in Composition and Music Theory)

... "If you want to be one of the artists of tomorrow, you have to choose KUG! Students from all over the world give the art university of the Mur metropolis an international atmosphere that is not only important for studying but also indispensable for life."

(Sara, Master's Programme Musicology)

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