Courses for Further Education

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In addition to courses for children and adolescents and postgraduate university courses, courses for Further Education and training courses are offered at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

University course for Further Education:

Elementary Music Education

Training courses:

Pick-up courses, summer courses etc.

The application deadlines and admission procedures can be found in the respective course descriptions:


The university course “EMP” expands and deepens the music pedagogic know-how of the participants in theory and practice in the course of eight modules. In two semesters, diverse offers of materials, practice and play ideas in the sense of a holistic oriented music pedagogy are available and presented.

The participants are also encouraged by a selected team of coaches to open up spaces for their own pedagogical practice in which the abilities of children in their handling of voice, body and instruments are discovered, awakened and promoted.

Further information

The focus of the "University course for Instrumental and Vocal Music" is on learning to play instruments or to sing in the sense of holistically oriented music-making.

Subject areas:

  • Early musical education for children between 4 and 7 years of age
  • Instrumental music making and singing
  • Children's and youth choir
  • Music theory

Requirements for admission to the course:

  • Age-appropriate interest in singing and music-making
  • Minimum age of 4 years
  • Registration in person at the secretary's office of Institute 5 with Mrs Nairz-Zieser or the course director using the registraion form.


> Curriculum

> Information for the first admission to the course



The fee-based pick-up courses are aimed at teachers of all types of schools, kindergarten teachers, music school teachers and those interested with the aim of expanding and deepening their pedagogical skills in theory and practice. Modern approaches to contemporary music, instrumental and vocal pedagogy and related fields are the focus of these courses.

All courses take place at the Institute for Music Education (Institute 5, Leonhardstraße 82-84, 8010 Graz).

The number of participants for the courses is limited. The admission takes place after the order of the applications (please note the respective application deadlines!).

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