Artistic-scholarly Doctoral Programme (Dr.artium)

Foto: Michael Nier
| Foto: Michael Nier

The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz stands for innovative research that builds on the synergy of art and academia. It was the first university of music in the German-speaking world, that offered a doctorate for artists because of the conviction that artistic work combined with academic research can generate new knowledge for art, academia and society.

This programme is a great opportunity for artists in the field of music or transdisciplinary art, who show promising research potential and have the explicit wish to deepen and evolve their art through academic reflection.


Course Number: UV 795 ...
Length of Study: 6 semesters (180 ECTS)
Degree: Doktor*in der Künste (, Doctor artium)


Schedule for the academic year
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Application & Admission

Start of study: Winter semester & Summer semester

Application deadline: 28th February

Admission requirements

Online registration
Instructions for online registration


Courses are held at the following institute(s):

Artistic Doctoral School


Professors and equivalents

Bästlein, Ulf Univ.Prof. Dr.phil.   Professur für Gesang

Breinl, Joseph Univ.Prof. Dipl. Musiker   Professur für Liedinterpretation und Klavier-Vokalbegleitung

Cakar, Ozan Univ.Prof. Dipl. Musiker MMus   Professur für Horn

Chernyavska, Milana Univ.Prof. Dr.phil.   Professur für Klavier

Ciciliani, Marko Univ.Prof. Mag. Ph.D.   Professur für Komposition Computermusik und Sounddesign

Feltz, Kerstin O.Univ.Prof. Dr.phil.   Professur für Violoncello

Furrer, Beat O.Univ.Prof.   Professur für Komposition und Musiktheorie

Gadenstätter, Clemens Univ.Prof. Privatdozent   Professur für Musiktheorie-Musikanalyse Universitätsdozent für Komposition

Jachmann, Jan Univ.Prof. Dr.phil.   Professur für Instrumental(Gesangs-)pädagogik (IGP)

Pachinger, Gerald Univ.Prof.   Professur für Klarinette

Partyka, Edward Univ.Prof.   Professur für Jazzkomposition & Arrangement

Pegoraro, Paolo Univ.Prof.   Professur für Gitarre

Peters, Deniz Univ.Prof. Dr.phil.   Professur für Künstlerische Forschung in Musik

Pfeiffer, Gabriele C. Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr.phil. Privatdozentin   Professur für Theaterwissenschaft/Dramaturgie

Preinfalk, Gerald Univ.Prof.   Professur für Saxofon

Prinz, Johannes O.Univ.Prof.   Professur für Chordirigieren

Rättyä, Janne Univ.Prof. MuM   Professur für Akkordeon

Roberts, Denton Univ.Prof.   Professur für Kontrabass

Rost, Gunther Univ.Prof.   Professur für Orgel und Orgelimprovisation





  • an appropriate master's or diploma degree in music or performing arts
  • a substantial artistic career
  • knowledge of German and/or English (approx. level C1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR)


All information about the admission requirements as well as the application procedure can be found on the homepage of the artistic-scientific doctoral school.

After positive examination of the documents, the date for the presentation of the research project to the doctoral committee will be communicated by e-mail.

Please note, that your major artistic subject has to be mentioned in your documents. Otherwise, please submit a confirmation about your major artistic subject issued by your University (on your University's letter paper and with your University's stamps/seals and signatures) in addition.


Please mind: After passing the presentation you are not automatically admitted to the Degree Programme – the enrolment has to be carried out in due time via e-mail! See also "First steps to becoming a student"!

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