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Instrumental Studies: Da capo al fine

The programme Instrumental Studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz gives you the opportunity of a thorough training in nearly every orchestral or solo instrument. No matter if chamber music, orchestral music or solo music: The artistic qualification through internationally renowned teachers in the bachelor’s and master’s programme can contribute significantly to the maintenance and development of the cultural cornerstone music when it comes to musical competences, instrumental skills and employability. Apart from the bachelor’s and master’s programme there are courses for highly gifted students and preparatory courses to promote training starting at a young age. Postgraduate programmes give the opportunity of a further specialisation after the regular study programmes.


Course Number: UV 033 112
Length of Study: 8 semesters (240 ECTS)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Qualification profile
Credit hours

Schedule for the academic year
Description of the types of courses of KUG


Courses are held at the following institute(s):

Institute 6 Church Music and Organ


Professors and equivalents

Rost, Gunther Univ.Prof.   Professur für Orgel und Orgelimprovisation

Tafeit, Karin Univ.Prof.   Professur für Orgel und Orgelimprovisation

Walther, Ulrich Univ.Prof.   Professur für Orgel und Orgelimprovisation



Admission procedure

Admission to the Bachelor's Programme Instrumental Studies requires the successful passing of an entrance exam, which consists of two parts (a theoretical and an instrumental part).

If you want to register for the entrance exam, please apply online within the respective application deadlines.


Theoretical part

Admission Test in Aural Skills and Music Theory

a) Aural Test
b) Music Theory Test 
c) Voice and Rhythm Test (Practical Part)

Here you can find a sample test.

The successful completion of the theoretical part is a prerequisite for the participation in the instrumental entrance exam.

If you are already a student of a Bachelor's Programme Instrumental Studies at KUG, you may be exempted of this part.


Instrumental part

For this part you should prepare an examination programme, which should be performed in front of an examination board. Please find all important information about the entrance examination requirements, including the level of difficulty of works you have to prepare, as well as recommended literature by clicking the “Entrance Exam Prerequisites” button.

In case you need an accompanist, you have to bring the appropriate music score with you to the entrance exam.


Please mind: After passing the entrance exam you are not automatically admitted to the Degree Programme – the enrolment has to be carried out in due time via e-mail! See also "First steps to becoming a student"!

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