Bachelor's Programme Jazz Saxophone

Foto: Lucija Novak
| Foto: Lucija Novak

“Induced Vibrations”

Improvisation is organised freedom, it stands for: finding individual ways of expression, to shape what lies ahead, in the rhythm of time, in the dialog of generations, through first-hand information. Innovation through linking-up the plethora of styles, expressed by:

with great joy in the universal language of music
in search of the sound of the  world.

The genius, with which we do something, is our great challenge”
Be prepared for something new and bring your instruments along!

Peter Kunsek


Course Number: UV 033 160 727
Length of Study: 8 semesters (240 ECTS)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Achievement Goals
Credit Hours

Schedule for the academic year
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Courses are held at the following institute(s):

Institute 8 Jazz


Professors and equivalents

Arguelles, Julian Univ.Prof.   Professur für Saxofon - Jazz

Kalnein von, Heinrich Ao.Univ.Prof.   Universitätsdozent für Saxofon - Jazz



Admission procedure

Admission to the Bachelor's Programme Jazz requires the successful passing of an entrance exam, which consists of three parts (a theoretical and two instrumental parts).

If you want to register for the entrance exam, please apply online within the application deadline (March 1st).

HINT: The entrance exam for the Bachelor's Programme Jazz only takes place once each academic year.


  • Candidates must be at least 17 years old
  • Passing of an entrance exam


Part 1

Test of aural skills and knowledge of music theory (with special emphasis on the requirements specific to Jazz): triads and four-note chords, melodic dictation, rhythmic dictation as well as scales.
Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours


Part 2

Test of piano skills (not required for pianists): playing simple Jazz-like cadences in major and minor, announced by the examination board.


The successful completion of these parts is a prerequisite for the participation in the artistic part.


Part 3

  • Practical test with a rhythm section: candidates should prepare 4 pieces in different tempi from the Jazz repertoire: one piece with Stufenharmonik (Roman numerals), one modal piece, one Blues piece and one piece of free choice. A rhythm section will be provided: Candidates should bring the sheet music on their own.
  • Solo practical test: candidates should prepare one through-composed (written-out) piece (etude or transcription).
  • Test of sight-reading ability: the examination board will provide easy examples of jazz standard compositions.



Please mind: After passing the entrance exam you are not automatically admitted to the Degree Programme – the enrolment has to be carried out in due time via e-mail! See also "First steps to becoming a student"!

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