What is KUGonline?

KUGonline is the campus management system of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. It provides access to many resources, especially to all data concerning studies and teaching. KUGonline is both an information and administration system and its central functionalities cover the entire student life cycle. It manages the complete university administration, from the application for a degree program to student and examination management and graduation.

KUGonline offers, for example:

  • all information on study plans
  • all information about courses and exams (content, requirements, course and exam dates, etc.)
  • download of various confirmations and records
  • search options for rooms (including building plans for easy room search), organizations and staff
  • links to other important tools such as Moodle, Mobility Online or Webmail and is therefore the central entry point for the administration of study matters

KUG students can use KUGonline to take care of all organizational activities related to their studies (course registration, exam registration, printing of certificates, printing the study sheet and confirmation of enrolment, etc.). Course participants are notified by e-mail of changes in the course schedule and can use the e-mail distribution list.

KUGonline also offers a personal calendar of events, in which students and lecturers can automatically enter the dates of their own courses.

All members of KUG receive a KUGonline account, which is activated using a PIN code - students receive this account from the Registrar’s Office.

The KUGonline account is the basis for almost all other campus-wide systems. The account data are identical, i.e., your KUGonline username and password are also valid for your e-mail account and other accounts.

Requirements for using KUGonline

To use KUGonline, you need a PC with Internet access, a web browser with Java Script and cookies enabled, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files (free download at www.adobe.de).

For security reasons and for optimal display of our web services, we recommend using the most up-to-date browser possible. Please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (macOS / iOS). [Attention: Internet Explorer is no longer supported].

KUGonline contact person for students

First contact person is a member of the guidance counselling for students of the KUG-ÖH.

Some applications can only be submitted electronically via KUGonline. These can be found in the KUGonline application "Business Processes". You can find detailed instructions on how to fill out the respective forms here




The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz offers its students the possibility to book central rooms via KUGonline.

Instruction for Booking Practice Rooms

In addition, classrooms and ensemble rooms for practice can be booked through the respective institute.

What is the study plan model "SPO Management?

SPO-Management* is a new presentation of your curriculum in the campus management system KUGonline. Since winter semester 2017/18, all studies of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz have been switched step by step to the new curriculum representation "SPO-Management" in KUGonline.

What is the Curricula Support?
The Curricula Support is a tool for study administration in KUGonline and the linchpin of your study planning. It bundles them into one overview:

  • your personal study history
  • your regular study plan (optionally by semesters)
  • your course and examination offerings by semester
  • registration and deregistration for courses and examinations
  • useful information about credits or registration requirements

Is my study programme an SPO study programme?

If your studies are affected by a change, you will receive a corresponding message in KUGonline. You can also recognize an SPO study programme by the name of the study plan version. As soon as a study plan has been converted to the new study plan administration SPO-Management, it will receive the addition "_SPO" (except for teacher training programme, musicology and electrical engineering and audio engineering).

What does this mean for me?

As soon as your studies have been converted to the new study plan administration, you must permanently assign the academic achievements to your curriculum yourself. In addition, the SPO-Management changes the procedure of the course registration and the exam registration: You have to assign the academic achievements to your curriculum already when you register. (see instructions).

*SPO=Studien- und Prüfungsordnung