General information

On the one hand the KUGcard serves to identify students and university employees as well as external library users (ID function), on the other hand it authorizes the use of the services and resources of KUG (resource function).

The chip on the KUGcard has a Mifare-ID which is bound to one person (KUGonline). All services and resources are managed by this person.

Data protection and data security are of utmost importance. Apart from the fields visible on the card and the date of birth (for the sake of clarity), no further personal data are saved on the chip. The card serves primarily as an interface to databases in the background and not as a disk itself.

KUGcard for students

All degree programme and non-degree programme students as well as co-registered persons at KUG will receive the KUGcard free of charge first-time.

It is not only a library card and the basis for the ID card for all Styrian university libraries, but also an authorization card for all multifunctional devices (printing, copying, faxing) at KUG.

On the occasion of the initial approval at KUG the KUGcard will be issued in the Registrar´s Office (or by the institute Oberschützen) during the enrolment procedure.

In order to issue the KUGcard you have to upload a photograph via KUGonline in advance. Subsequent changes to data or photographs are subject to a charge.

Loss of the KUGcard

Proceed as follows:

1. Submission of a loss report or theft notification
2. Payment of a processing fee of € 15,- (the bank details for the money tranfer can be found on the application form)

>>> Application form


  • Palais Meran, Leonhardstraße 15, ground floor
  • “Reiterkasserne”, Leonhardstraße 82-84, ground floor (in the entrance area)
  • Brandhofgasse 17/19 (in the entrance area, ground floor)
  • Bürgergasse, 2nd floor (students‘ area)
  • Leonhardstraße 21, room 13 (ÖH-KUG)
  • Oberschützen, 1st floor (in the hallway)


  • “Reiterkasserne”, Leonhardstraße 82-84, ground floor (in the entrance area, room 4)
  • Oberschützen, 1st floor (in the hallway)

Hint: Cashless deposit: You can deposit money to your KUGcard online via this website: http://moneyloader.kug.ac.at (instruction).


Further Information

> Guideline for the use of the KUGcard*

> Operating- and use regulations of the Library*

*German language only

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