Oberschützen - Institute 12

Hauptplatz 8
7432 Oberschützen


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Oberschützen lies in southern Burgenland between Graz and Vienna (near the A2). At the Institute 12 (Oberschützen) of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, in the subjects of Concert and Instrumental Teaching Studies, highly qualified talented students are trained in winds, strings, and percussion instruments (including the Viennese instrumentarium), as well as in piano. The young musicians of the local region are offered high level preparatory courses by those training in Instrumental teaching, in the subjects mentioned, as well as in organ. In 1965, the Institute Oberschützen was founded as an outpost of the then Graz Music Academy. The institute houses many classrooms and practice rooms, each with a grand piano and ample space for optimal study conditions. Furthermore, the institute provides the opportunity for instrument rentals, has many quiet study places, and extensive offerings at the institute library. In 1990, the Pannonian Research Center was added to the institute as a scientific institution, which in 2013 was expanded by the International Center for Brass Music Research. The university orchestra, regular guest classes and workshops, and a number of chamber music ensembles show the independent artistic profile of the institute.

Institute Oberschützen Event Rooms

Kammermusiksaal (Chamber Music Hall)

Institut Oberschützen - Kammermusiksaal | WOLFGANG HUMMER

The Kammermusiksaal (Chamber Music Hall) of the Cultural Centre of Oberschützen holds about 120 people and provides an impressive home for the comprehensive chamber music concert activity of the Institute Oberschützen.


Jenö-Takacs-Saal (Jenö-Takacs-Hall)

Institut Oberschützen - Jenö-Takacs-Saal | WOLFGANG HUMMER

Jenö-Takács-Saal (Jenö-Takács-Hall) is a modern concert and multipurpose venue for around 675 visitors which includes a balcony and an integrated organ. It offers ideal conditions for the concerts of the University Orchestra of Oberschützen.