Moserhofgasse - Institute Jazz

Moserhofgasse 39-41
8010 Graz
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This KUG facility in Graz's Moserhofgasse is a two-storey, historic, suburban building. In 1987 the Institute of Jazz moved in and began to use it for teaching, rehearsal and office space. Before the Second World War the building served as a residence for apprentices with its own agriculture (including a pigsty), and later on was the home of the Graz Kunstgewerbeschule [School of Arts and Crafts]. In 2001, the courtyard building that had been used as a student residence up to that point, was also taken over by KUG.

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Institut Jazz - WIST | Wolfgang Hummer

The WIST concert space, named after its owner, the Wirtschaftshilfe für Studierende Steiermark [Styria Economic Assistance for Students] and used by KUG from Monday to Thursday, is located at Moserhofgasse 34, next door to the institute. The university has installed professional staging, sound and lighting technology. Cafe mo.xx (, which is run by an external company, is directly connected to WIST and opens alongside the numerous evening events.