Library (UBAM)

The UBAM is the university’s centre of excellence responsible for collecting, storing, indexing, documenting and conveying knowledge, regardless of form or coding. The UBAM’s services are updated to meet future requirements and quality assured. It offers users a suitable environment for study and learning by providing rooms and facilities.



University library (UB)

The university library (Universitätsbibliothek – UB) is a reader-oriented and service-led specialist public library. Its core competence is procuring, indexing, providing and archiving the information and information media required for arts-based teaching and research through the use of modern IT systems. The library’s services make the university’s teaching and research more effective.

University archive (UA)

The university archive (Universitätsarchiv – UA) is a facility responsible to the entire university. It preserves the archival material acquired through the unique history of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, which acts as a public source of future information and research and is freely accessible when possible.

Collection of musical instruments (MIS)

The collection of musical instruments (Musikinstrumentensammlung – MIS) provides musical instruments for use and loan by members of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. It offers user-oriented processes and ensures that high-quality musical instruments are available, maintained and kept in perfect condition.



Hofrat Mag. Robert Schiller

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University library-Helpdesk
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University archive
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Collection of musical instruments
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University library, University archive and Collection of musical instruments (UBAM)

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