Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne 2012

8. Internationaler Wettbewerb "Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne" 2012
Duo für Gesang und Klavier (Lied) ǀ Trio für Klavier, Violine und Violoncello ǀ Streichquartett
Live-Mitschnitte aller drei Durchgänge sowie des Galakonzertes der PreisträgerInnen am 16.02.2012 (Vol. 43, 2 CDs)

It is a great pleasure for me to present you this Double CD, Vol. 43, of the series Klangdebüts containing the musical highlights of the 8th International Competition “Franz Schubert and Modern Music”.

The chairpersons of the three categories selected with high diligence the best performances not only of all rounds played at MUMUTH and Florentinersaal of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz but also of the concert of prize-winners at Stefaniensaal of Graz Convention Centre. Please allow me to thank them for their excellent choice! Among the œuvres presented on this CD we find also the prize-winning works of the Competition for Composition organized in the forefront in order to extend the repertoire for piano trio. It is remarkable to see that a particularly pleasant trend continues which has set in a few competitions before. It reflects a growing interest of the participants to approach modern music with great joy and even enthusiasm and not the mere compliance with a compulsory repertoire. Therefore, the focus on contemporary music, a priority of KUG, becomes self-evident.

I owe special thanks to the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF for the recordings and all those who contributed to the success of this CD production.

Dear listeners, let the touching charm of the young artists mesmerize you, and capture the special atmosphere of the competition! Let me wish all prize-winners that “Franz Schubert and Modern Music” has brought you an important step forward to a fulfilled artistic career.

Vice Rector for Research



Disc 1

  • Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
    Trio B-Dur D 28 [07:21]

  • Hooshyar Khayam (*1978)
    I Waited for You in Rain [05:36]

  • Franz Schubert
    Die junge Nonne op. 43/1 D 828 (J. N. Craigher) [04:39]

  • Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
    A Charm of Lullabies op. 41: 5. The Nurse's Song (John Philip) [05:00]

  • Luciano Berio (1925-2003)
    Quattro canone popolari (1946/47): 3. Avendo gran disio [05:09]

  • George Crumb (*1929)
    The Sleeper [05:32]
    Sylvia Rena ZIEGLER, Mezzo-soprano / Friederike WIESNER, Piano

  • Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847)
    Streichquartett Es-Dur op. 12
    Adagio non troppo - Allegro non tradante [07:36], Canzonetta. Allegretto [03:44], Andante espressivo [04:11], Molto allegro e vivace [07:47]

  • Martin Christoph Redel (*1947)
    Was es ist op. 54 (2001): 6. Aber [01:21]

  • Franz Schubert
    Die schöne Müllerin op. 25 D 795: Eifersucht und Stolz [01:39]

  • Benjamin Britten
    Winter Words op. 52: 1. At Day-close in November [01:36]

  • Martin Christoph Redel
    Was es ist op. 54 (2001): 4. Nur nicht [02:57]
    Jakob PILGRAM, Tenor / Mischa SUTTER, Piano

  • Simone Movio (*1978)
    Nel tempo della memoria? [14:19]


Disc 2

  • Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
    Klaviertrio c-Moll op. 101
    Allegro energico [07:35], Presto non assai [03:30], Andante grazioso [04:24], Allegro molto [05:37]

  • Roland Freisitzer (*1973)
    Szene/Duo (2010) [06:58]

  • Hans Werner Henze (*1926)
    Whispers from heavenly Death: III. I know it not, o soul [01:29]

  • Franz Schubert
    Geheimnis D 491 (Mayrhofer) [02:21]

  • Franz Schubert
    Der Schmetterling op. 57/1 D 633 (Schlegel) [01:17]
    Nora LENTNER, Soprano / Klara HORNIG, Piano

  • Henri Dutilleux (*1916)
    Ainsi la Nuit [18:19]

  • Franz Schubert
    Streichquartett E-Dur op. post. 125/2 D 353
    Allegro con fuoco [08:02], Andante [06:07], Menuetto. Allegro vivace [03:16], Rondo. Allegro vivace [05:30]