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Under Construction

MUMUTH; Foto: Anton Kaufmann

There is currently still a lot of work to be done on our website. The background work - until everything is new and finished - will still take some. Our MUMUTH also took some time to build and this year it is already celebrating its 10 year anniversary! For now we provide a video from behind the scenes and show how the MUMUTH has grown - not in real time ;) …

aktualisiert am:

The Schubidu Quartet has designed a video for us, which, in addition to the MUMUTH construction work and the varied MUMUTH program, also brings a few snowflakes into the picture - as a small and refreshing reminder: It´s not hot every day (even if no one can imagine it that way at the moment).

MUMUTH Video on YouTube

10 Years of MUMUTH

The House of Music and Music Theater (MUMUTH), with access on Lichtenfelsgasse, was officially opened on March 1, 2009. Since then, the venue has spectacularly combined architecture and music, while providing a place for a wide variety of innovative and experimental art forms. The building was designed by Ben van Berkel's renowned Dutch architecture firm, UNStudio. The first impression of the building may seem inconspicuous, but upon entering, the innovative, “blob-to-box” concept, as the architect calls it, opens up. The award-winning design by Ben van Berkel was also the Austrian contribution to the Venice Biennale.

A Building that Lives Music

The interior design of the building is conceived so that everything within it interlinks. Flowing transitions connect the individual rooms with one another - inspired by the musical sound fluxes that enliven them. As an architectural counterpart to the György-Ligeti Hall, the gallery and the foyer, with its "twist" made of reinforced concrete, in turn offer a superbly usable "outer space.” The flowing shell of the MUMUTH, a net of metal mesh, also depicts sound through its curved form, stretching around the front of the building. Both the wall cladding of the György Ligeti Hal, and the glazed outer façade, have a pattern inspired by music notation. In addition, this "pattern" in the concert hall ensures optimal acoustics. The room acoustics of the MUMUTH are unique in Austria: everything is possible, from the jazz club to the large orchestral concert. This is not least due to the option of sophisticated electronic room acoustics. The perfect environment to live music.

abo@MUMUTH - 10 years of experimental sound pleasures

The MUMUTH presents itself as an interface between university and society. As an extension to the subscription series of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, “abo@MUMUTH” has also been running since April 2009, inviting visitors to discover the house as a source of inspiration for individual artistic concepts.