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s3dapc 2019

erstellt am 26. September 2019

Am Donnerstag 26.9.2019, von 16:15 bis 18:30 haben Franz Zotter und Matthias Frank im "TV-Studio" des Instituts für Medientechnologie in Ilmenau die Preisverleihung des 3. Europäischen Studierenden-3D-Audiowettbewerbs (S3DAPC) abgehalten, im Rahmen der Internationalen Konferenz für räumliche Audiotechnik (ICSA). Die nominierten Stücke wurden von einer 15-köpfigen Jury aus 8 verschiedenen Ländern ausgewählt aus insgesamt 33 Einsendungen aus 11 verschiedenen Ländern, von den Autor_innen eingeführt und in der Preisverleihungsveranstaltung vorgespielt. Dazu haben die Organisatoren vor Ort eine großartige 3D-Audioanlage aufgebaut und mit uns gemeinsam bespielt.

Mehr Information findet sich auf der Website
und im folgenden, englischen Text:

The European Student 3D Audio Production Competition took place the third time, this year in Ilmenau, Germany, at ICSA vdt-icsa.de, it called for pieces in 5th order Ambisonics earlier this year, with the submission categories
1 contemporary / computer music
2 audio drama / documentary / soundscapes
3 music recording / studio production.
A jury of 15 experts from 8 different countries evaluated the submissions, yielding 3 nominees for gold-silver-bronze in each category. In total 33 submissions were handed in, with authors/composers from 8 different countries. In detail the number of submissions per country were
11 Germany
4  UK
4  Italy
4  Austria
2  Lithuania
2  Norway
2  United States
2  Turkey
1  Canada
1  Poland
and the 15 members were
6 Germany
2 Poland
2 Austria
1 Canada
1 Turkey
1 Great Britain
1 Lithuania.

Sponsors were
-Sennheiser (AMBEO VR mic, Gold award in category 1)
-Zylia (ZM-1, Gold award in category 2)
-Flux (Flux Spat Revolution VST plugin in category 3)
-forum ircam (1-year forum ircam premium licenses for silver winners)
-HARPEX (plugin license for silver and bronze winners)
-iem (iem head tracker for bronze winners)
so actually also from 5 different countries.

Playback was done on a 31 channel system with 4 additional powerful subs. The hall had seats for about 80 listeners.
The event took 2.5 hours and all the pieces were presented by the authors and then listened to together, and after that, both selected critical and nice comments of all the judges were read out by representing jury members.

The awards were:

1) Contemporary Music / Computer Music
- Gold went to Mads Kjeldgaard (NOR) for his submission
I solens flint 1000 floder
- Silver went to Matas Šablauskis (LTU) for his submission
- Bronze went to James Wenlock (USA) for his submission
Three Changes

2)  Audio Drama / Documentary / Soundscapes
- Gold went to Katarzyna Sochaczewska (POL) for her submission
- Silver went to Marcel Remy, Tobias Kurzweg, Leon Hofmann, Daniela Rieger, Jonas Kieser, Jona Eisele, Bastian Kilper (GER) for their submission
Der Stille Klang
- Bronze went to Johannes Ott (GER) for his submission
The Bell Sounds, Yet The Sound Bells

3) Music Recording / Studio Production
- Silver went to Balthasar Effmert (GER) for his submission
Ensemble Mini: Spatial Prokofiev No.5
- Bronze went to Yannik Weber (GER) fpr his submission
Change The World
- Bronze went to Stefanos Ioannou and Jasper Klein (GER) for their submission
Du Hirte Israels

The reviewers decided to omit gold in the third category, which deserves some explanation:
This category is naturally most influenced by well-proven workflows, highest demands on audio quality and highest expectation, most of which targeting stereo and channel-based media, which are typically great in studio and home environments.
However, this does not always automatically imply that playback will supply an entire, large audience. As a conclusion, the environment in the category is still challenging in terms of establishing what could be seen as missing advancement in 3D audio technology. The more so, there is a great potential in challenging established workflows and expectations, which the reviewers and the organizers of the competition would love to see promoted: Please feel encouraged to do so, to think new, and to think big in terms of audience size!

Despite this statement, which could be seen as critical, actually all of the 9 nominated submissions are great pieces of work and there is the urgent desire to make them available for listening online for a greater audience. We are currently searching for solutions to make this happen.

There was a lot of positive feedback in the event from the audience and we are very grateful for the sponsors, who are all top notch in advancing the technology in 3D audio.

Thanks to all who contributed, and there were really many!

Franz Zotter,
Matthias Frank


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